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About Us

What is the OPSC?

The Osgoode Peer Support Centre is an entirely student volunteer-driven service for Osgoode students seeking a positive space and a supportive individual to speak with about social, academic, financial, relationship, sexual orientation, discrimination, and other personal stressors.

Want to access the OPSC?

The OPSC is open to all registered Osgoode students who wish to ‘drop-in’ and all discussions at the centre will be held in confidence. Stay tuned for an email and check out our website below for information on the Centre’s office hours this term and updates on the Peer Support Network.

What the OPSC can offer to students:

  • A supportive and welcoming community of students within Osgoode;
  • Encouraging regular breaks from the strenuous law school routine, such as recesses, humour breaks, Wellness Wednesdays, and other stress reducing activities;
  • A positive space where students are welcome to come by the office at anytime during office hours to have an informal chat about any concerns or stressors they're experiencing with a peer who is there to listen and offer support;
  • Under a Peer Support Network, students may also be matched up with a peer supporter to whom they can visit regularly; and
  • The OPSC has a variety of helpful resources on hand and students can inquire about a range of services available at Osgoode, York University, and in the community.

Volunteer with OPSC

We are looking for peer support volunteers who can help fulfill the goals of the Centre, including: 

                  • To reduce feelings of stress and isolation felt by Osgoode students
                  • Help foster a positive space and develop a sense of collegiality and support
                  • To reform the perceived individualistic, competitive and isolating culture of law school
                  • To combat barriers and stigma associated with seeking emotional and psychological support

For further information please contact us at [email protected].